Habit you should maintain to increase creativity

Hard work and creativity are two main things that you must have to archive something valuable, and those two are built based on your habit, even the very small one can help you boost up your creativity.

1. Doodling:

You don’t need to be an artist, you don’t need to have decent skill at the beginning, you don’t need to have enough equipment and a comfortable place to start drawing. Just a pencil and a piece of paper and there you go. The reason I mention paper not other things has it own purpose: to review your works and “save” it for later use.

You can draw anything you want and you love or even things you hate, expressing emotion by drawing is one of the best thing in life that I can imagine and experience. There are plenty of subjects to think about: animals, your office, your gear, characters, and imagine something inside your body right now, how blood is moving from this organ to another and try to give it a childish way, make it simple. Those pieces of art have great value when you have free time or when you’re on the bus, in the field or at the coffee shop waiting for your friend, and some minutes before going to bed.

2. Listen to music:

Music controls and spices up your emotion, and speak about emotion is somehow speak about creativity as well, you may not create new concept, but your art works will have much more meaning. Adn believe me, a John Lennon lemon is much more different than a Linkin Park lemon (both are good, but not the same).

3. Drink coffee:

I don’t talk about the taste, I talk about the way you’re waiting for your coffee, the smell when the hot water passing the coffee powder and the first temperature when you lip touches the cup and the liquid, those small moments, and the cup of coffee itself are the inspiration of a lot of designers, films makers, and the color of the coffee is just like magic: subtle and meaningful.

4. Switching color:

Have you ever done this trick: looking at any stuff and imagine they’re having another color, may be black and white, may be monotone, may be vintage, if you did that, cool, your imagination has been unlocked to a whole new level. Talking about creativity is also talking about changing the styles, the composition and the structure.

5. Sleep:

Last but not least, I’ve never seen anyone that sleep too little but does great thing, we are normal people, and I’m not writing this post for genius, so, considering we have limited energy, sometimes we must pause and charge up energy to continue.

That’s my idea about keeping myself creative, there are another tricks I’m doing to, like trying something new, meeting people etc. but those 5 is more than enough, after that each people can create their own “mind set”.

Creativity is drug.

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