Create some arts, write something

Even when the your life is a little bit busy with works, with your house and several misc. things, you should always find a little time to develop your skill of writting and drawing, because it’s simple: it’s good for your brain.

What do you need?

1. Tools:

A paper, a pencil and an eraser is essential for you to do anything. I mean ANYTHING. If you have a tablet with a stylus that you can draw on it, awesome, you are one step closer to creating thing and putting thing online into your portfolio easily.

There is a tool on android phone that allows you to scan your drawing into image like PNG and JPEG, or even PDF, it’s name is CamScanner (I grabbed a license for this one when it was on sale for 0.99$ and it’s worth, anyway right now it might cost higher but you will not regret buying it)

2. Ideas:

Ideas are everywhere, if your imagination is not strong enough to get “something” from your daily life, just grab some good images from behance, pinterest, deviantart and there you go, do something similar first, then you can do something unique of yourself.

Ideas are also in your day light stuff, have you ever imagine about drawing kitchen stuff, draw the bicycles, draw the flowers, draw your pets, the cat, the dog. Draw the imaginary world of the kid, where the cockroach is attack by the shoes, and the pipeline suddenly explodes while the butterfly is throwing atomic bomb to the ground?

3. Time:

Doodling doesn’t require a lot of time, 10 minutes is enough, when you get familiar with it, you can reduce the time to 5 minutes, it doesn’t take you all day long or all night long, even you can draw when you are working. It’s good for your mind.

Writing something requires a little bit more time, you have to find the ideas, the ‘anger’, the ‘sadness’, the ‘loneliness’, and you have to think what you are going to write down, but anyway, just do it since writing is a good habit, 1 hour a day, owning your personal blog and read books that you bought, the paper books or the ebooks, that you can write something decent and beautiful. Or even translate what you like from other languages to your mother tongue.

I hate the idea that there are people only want to read, but fuck it, if no one writes and creates thing, what do you get to read from? Think about it.

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