What I do when I work

This is not a savvy post about what people should do while working to boost up their productivity. This is what I often do, and that makes me feel guilty and productive at the same time.

1. Surfing internet:

Sure thing. If I don’t surf internet while I’m working, I lie. But they definitely give you some good effects on your day: lift up your stress, give you some lesson about handling your software and something similar. But to be honest, when you’re in a project, a serious project, forget this part.

2. Listen to music:

I’m in an office of three personal desks, and my back head toward the main door, it means it’s not easy to concentrate on work, you can always thinking about what you can do and put 100% of yourself into work, but someone passes by, says something or even touch you without purpose, you have to response, and that time, you’ll lose your concentration. And I’m sure that 100% people don’t like their computer screen to be stared.

That why putting on a headphone and listen to your favourite music can make you less distract, and that is also a good way to tell people (who are understanding) that you don’t want to listen to anything not important. And the effect of music, I don’t know why but it is usually make me work with real good flow.

3. Drink coffee:

It is not the matter of how much caffeine you must put in your body, just the act that holding a cup, sip little by little will make me feel smart and that is how the office life should work.

4. Keep my desk messy:

I don’t trust guys who have a very neat desk, I prefer a messy desk, just one thing to notice, messy is not equal to unordered, I have a messy desk but I know what stuff is where, and a messy desk makes me feel like home, the most import part of working is not to make yourself stressful, therefore, this is one of my favourite solutions.

5. Write tasks into paper:

Nowadays we have smart-phone to keep up with task and deadline, but the feeling of writing will never be replaced, note your tasks into sticky note, your agenda, write your algorithms into paper: draw charts, mind maps, diagrams … they will urge me to be serious and keep track with anything. Don’t spend too much time on the smart-phone, it’s not that smart.

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