Drawing on Android apps – Updated

Drawing on tablet or phone is much more easier and convenient nowadays, with the help of the stylus and some decent drawing apps.

Reviews of those drawing app for android devices can be found everywhere, but some are outdated, some are too professional, so I try to write a review for the apps that I used, also try to write them as simple as I can.

1. Autodesk SketchBook:

This is my first attempt to approach the drawing experience on Android and the output satisfy me somehow. Autodesk is famous for its drawing app (with the same name) on PC, so now they bring it on Android.

What I love most about autodesk is unfortunately not its invention: the Copic color (you have to pay some bucks to get them), with it, you can choose the exact color as you experience in real life with the Copic marker, with is expensive and you know, hard to erase (real life vs virtual drawing). The next strong point is the lasso selection and fill them with gradient, this utility is super useful. Just like photoshop.

Unfortunately, Autodesk is not caring so much about the users, it means you have to pay a lot for the software, for example, I had to pay 3 times, why?, they often release an app that you have to pay, then they write another app with almost the same utilities, remove the current app in Play Store, so if you want to use them – the next version, you have to pay again. This is one of the reason you should consider using Autodesk drawing app. Luckily, you have a lot of other choice.

The final advice is: Not recommend to buy, or you’ll get angry when they release another version and you have to buy again xD

2. Artflow:

Comparing to autodesk, Artflow care more about their customers, they’re always willing to answer your email and listen to suggestions. Also, the UI is great and easy to understand as Autodesk Sketchbook, however, the color panel is not as good as Sketchbook, but this is not a big problem. It doesn’t have selection tool. But the layer tool is very intuitive, importing external image is also easy and fast.

The finger smudge tool os Artflow is worth mentioning, and I approve that among these apps, Artflow knows clearly how to make a smudge tool works. Much better than Sketchbook.

3. LayerPaint and LayerPaintHD:

From a Japanese company, Japanese quality! This app has one things that two others don’t have: the smoothing curve and anti alias tooth for your brush, it means lining art for manga is much easier and powerful, your drawing will be more natural and awesome. Do you know Manga Studio? The smooth line is mostly the same.

The cons point is the dev hardly reply email, and the user guide is in Japanese, they definitely have English version but it’s machine translate, and you know the quality of translation already. But don’t worry, this app is easy to learn and master.

4. Infinite Painter:

This one has the most lag among 4 apps I review here, but it has the most tool to play, and dev is always listen seriously to your review and suggestion, if you have a powerful device like Galaxy Note, the lag is not noticeable, and then you can enjoy drawing like drawing on a Wacom with your PC.

The very good point of this drawing app is the perspective guide, just like Adobe Illustrator, this is what I love about this app, sketching can be easier, no boring, just like a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Conclusion: Those are my personal honest review, the choice is on your side and it also depends on your budget, your job, your hobby and your needs. Hope I gave you some good information!

For me, I use Infinite Painter to draw the frame and sketch the basic idea, after that, coloring with sketchbook and fine tune with Artflow if I need. The LayerpaintHd I use only when I draw comic.

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