Available Python tools for researchers

When I first start my research life, I began with Python, and I never go back. Python is powerful, simple, rich and widely supported.

In my researches, I met several problems, and I built the solution, but a lot of them are already prepared in Python.

  1. Plotting – matplotlib:
    I often use Matlab to plot my diagrams, but matplotlib is so powerful and produces nice plots. There are lots of examples that you will be able to master this package in no time.
  2. Spattial distribution analysis – PySal:
    Ever heard of Moran’s I? Instead of coding your own function, use this package. All done in a minute!
  3. Plot and export to PNG – PyGal:
    This one is nice if you have to work with vector diagram for web. This package is developed by French developers.
  4. Data Analysis – Pandas:
    Working with tons of data is not easy, but Pandas package is here to help you. You are working on R? Good, use Pandas and combine them to make a super powerful tool for your analysis.
  5. Mathematics – numpy and scipy:
    No need to mention about these two if you are mathematicians for you work a lot with maths. These two packages give you the indispensable tools like arithmetic, array, matrix…
  6. Symbolic maths – SymPy:
    Honestly I haven’t used it yet, I discovered this gem this morning. Is it worth mentioning here? Let’s try it out!

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