Useful shortcuts in Word 2016

I’m a LaTeX guy. However, sometimes working with other people requires me to switch to the good old Word. I’m not totally displike it, I even find it useful and practical in some particular cases comparing with LaTeX.

Here is some shortcut in Word that I find useful and use them a lot during my work routine:

  1. The obvious shortcut:
    Ctrl + C: copy text
    Ctrl + V: paste text
    Ctrl + B: bold text
    Ctrl + I: Italic text
    Ctrl + mouse wheel: zoom in/out document (super useful)
  2. The alignment shortcut:
    Ctrl + L: align text to the left
    Ctrl + R: idem, right
    Ctrl + E: middle alignment
    Ctrl + J: justified, use this alot
  3. Text manipulation:
    Ctrl + [ : decrease font size
    Ctrl + ] : increast font size
    Ctrl + Shift + + : make selected text superscript
    Ctrl + =: make setected text subscript
    Ctrl + Shift + A: make selected CAPITAL

List will be updated

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