List of free stock photos – Update 2019

A well-picked picture can play an important role to a blogpost or a document in general. However, the search for a good one requires effort (taking photos yourself, finding a good one on the internet) or money (stock market). Fortunately, there are free websites and nice people who are willing to provide their photos for free (or almost free), here is the update list of 2019 which I’m currently using:

  1. Unsplash has been around for a while and continue to grow well. Personally I find this site provides good quality images for a blogpost.
  2. I featured this before in my blog, and till now this place is still good to find illustration for your blogpost. Sometimes the photos are over-shopped (like the hazing/vintage effect), but overall it’s good to have a free site with such quality content. They have premium now, hope the free service will be still good in future.
  3. Stencil: Not really a place to download but more like a service where you can manipulate your photo in a simple way before posting, they collect free stock photos from several free sources and put all of them in a catalog where you can search by keywords. Pretty neat!

There are plenty sites out there to be tested but those three are enough for me, along with the photos I take myself with my Canon (that is a good practice, you should try).

Happy blogging!

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