October – Wake me up, breast cancer awareness month, rain and waiting for November.

I’ve just had a brief look at Facebook and realized that we’re in October already. The WHO page remind us that this is the month of breast cancer awareness (I’m always mistaken the logo of this thing). I remember reading the book “Breasts” Florence Williams, haven’t finished it yet, but it already gave me a fairly good amount of knowledge about women’s body, from a man’s point of view. Maybe I should have bought the book “Mon vagin, ma vie” (in french) as well when I had chance at the bookstore last September. I look at my body sometimes and I must say that nature has such a way to build things. It’s so hard for us men to understand the women’s body, therefore I’m grateful to those mentioned books, that allow me to understand better my wife, or other half of the world in general.

The rain comes more often, this month always make me want to listen some old songs like “I’ll take the rain” and “Rain and tears”, it must be a seasonal thing. Also, it’s time to listen “Wake me up when September ends” less often, to start waiting for “November rain”. Maybe.

Autumn is an awesome season, my most favorite season of the year.

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