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Set working directory of your R script automatically

When you’re working with some datasets in R-studio, you have to define an absolute path to such file and set the working directory of your script accordingly. Doing this would be very time-consuming in some occasions. Luckily, there’s an API call that can simplify the process.


It is best that  you place the R-script and the datasets in the same folder. Make sure to include the given command at the top of your script for the best portability. If your collaborators want to run the R-script on their computer, they wouldn’t have to change the working directory themselves, how cool is that!


Justify text automatically in wordpress blogpost

The new Gutenberg editor provided by WordPress is pretty neat. However, there are certain limits of the ability to align text as what we usually do in Microsoft Word, especially the nice-looking “justified text”.

In earlier version of the editor, we can open the extended editing bar and there would be a Justified Alignment option to click and apply on the paragraph. The current one doesn’t have it. To resolve this problem, there are several options: install the old editor plugin (which will be supported till 2022), or simply put the CSS code in the Additonal CSS section of the current theme setting:

p {text-align:justify}

Then all the paragraphs from now on will be formatted as Justified.

Pygal – another fun way to create chart with Python

pygal 1.4.2 is a dynamic SVG charting library.

Python is a powerful and fun-to-play-with-but-also-serious programming language. Recently I discover a package that help us create some beautiful charts, so besides the default matplotlib, sometimes we can switch to this one and play with it (or also be serious and use it for your research). Here is the homepage of the package