Reading books will never be obsolete

Books have always played an integral part in my journey growing up. While there are many different platforms of entertainment and to gain knowledge, and I do enjoy them, books will never be obsolete.

When we were little, colorful books helped us recognize the world, and they planted the seed of imagination and creativity. I will never forget my mom reading those books to me, and at the same time, explaining moral stories that came within. Children are like plain sheets of paper, and books like these are the brightest colors.

Next up, comics. I guess you have once asked your mom to get a new one every week. Or the little novels to long ones, the hesitation to read them because of the walls of text quickly faded as you read more and more.

There are two subjects that I think the learn-by-heart fashion is not suitable: 3D geometry and literature. Geometry is present everywhere in the world around us, and literature is all the reasons I mentioned above. You may argue with the high school approach of literature as one-sided, and while unfortunately that is true at the moment, literature is more than that. If you learn it by heart, then humanity could just print one massive book and distribute it to everyone. Yet you see, there are millions if not more books ready for us to read and feel, and people are still publishing new ideas in books.

Lastly, you don’t read a book once. Some books deserve more than one read. There are books that you perceive one way in the past, and differently now, maybe more differently in the future. They mark our progress as a human being. A poor man’s time machine that. Maybe you’ll read your favorite novel, and the image of a 7-year-old you enjoying the same thing more than 10 years ago pops up. Personally, that’s how I keep my memory fresh, how I relive my childhood. Life is cruel sometimes, and the memory train with books as carriages is a good way to soften things a bit.

So read.

5 thoughts on “Reading books will never be obsolete”

  1. I like “reading”, or at least the idea of reading, but I have trouble quieting my mind enough to become absorbed in a book.
    I would love to enjoy books, I really would. I just have never found any material that I have found thoroughly interesting enough to me.
    Ultimately though, books are well worth the time investment. They simply hold the best stories people come up with.

  2. 1. I remember reading this quote somewhere
    “We can live only one life, so in order to understand others’ lives, you must read books”.

    2. This has nothing to do with reading habit but…
    I like the book’s smell, both new and old ones. Also, among the surfaces we touch everyday, book’s surface is the cleanest.

    3. Last but not least, each book is just a remix of the dictionary. j/k

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