About Us

Hi there creative friends!

We create this blog to pursue our passion: we love drawing, putting everything in colors and we make things better. This “Jardin d’amour – Garden of love” is cultivated by two persons:

The Demon: Loves sketching and doodling, has knowledge in digital design, can use Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and several tools to create artworks, but sometimes he wants only coding and writing stories. Little secret: his main work is in the academic field so sometimes he speaks mathematics.

The Cutie: Loves doodling, has creative mind and can do the handcrafted products very well, loves reading and writing, her skills can give us useful information. Little secret: she loves data analysis which helps her works in business acumen and development , so she is excellent at playing with both numbers and colors.

The Genie: Loves working with codes, has a fair amount of knowledge in C++, and is currently taking up machine learning. He is also enthusiastic about solving puzzles, doing DIY projects, and building computers. He has mad love for sports, too.

We do web-comics, carefully handcrafted stuff and we review everything that we find interesting and useful. And usually we sing together.

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