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Intuitive explanation to how dividing by 0 is impossible

We all know a random number times 0 always ends up 0, but the division for 0 is impossible. Computer programs return numerous errors upon stumbling across this matter, math leaners try their best with conditions to avoid dividing by 0. Some guys on YouTube even tried to prove that 1 equals to 0 using this very infamous numerical expression.

But why is that? Let us take a very straightforward and intuitive example to explain why dividing by 0 is a meaningless act.

Say you have a delicious cake. Rashford and Pogba come to your house to eat it with you. In order to make everyone happy, the cake must be divided into 3 equal parts, so each one of you will have a third of that cake. In another scenario, it is the same cake, but you celebrate something alone and want to eat the whole thing. Simple. You divide the cake by 1, so it ends up being itself. Bon appetit!

But what happens when you attempt to divide the cake by 0? The cake just disappears. Just a second ago, a delicious piece of culinary art stays in front of you, but now it is in the void. The act itself gets ridiculous when you think about it. Where is the cake? Ask the divisor.

That is the answer for dividing by 0. You cannot destroy matters, because the act of dividing by 0 “destroys” matters and numbers. For those who studied physics, you must be familiar with the Conservation of mass: “mass can neither be created nor destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space, or the entities associated with it may be changed in form.”