Don’t stop writing

Can’t believe I stopped writing for a while.

As a researcher and a curious person, I always want to learn something new and something that is innovative. That is to say, in my free time, I tend to find new courses, learning new techniques that I didn’t know before, and dunk myself into them. That sounds good at the beginning, when new things in life give you the excitement of exploring something fresh, let you have feeling that you’ve never experienced before.

So, what have I done in the last 4 years of academic world?

I learned to program in Python, MatLab, R and some other programming languages. For hobbies, I learned, bought some expensive gadgets; I also learned to play guitar, opened my own site (this site). I wrote a scientific paper (whoosh, that is what I’m proud of the most). And I also write some hopeless pieces of junk papers.

But I have one mistake: I don’t sharpen my essential skill: writing, presenting and organising my life. That is what I feel recently when I have to write the manuscript for my thesis (that is a huge work!). I realize one important thing: whatever I learn, whatever technique I learn, whatever skill I use, the art of writing good and the capacity of explain thing simply to others is the ulmost important: everybody likes to reads clean texts, everybody loves to understand things rapidly.

So I pause for a while, talking to myself that:

Read a lot, write a lot.

I’ve found some useful tools/site that help be to boost my inspiration of writing, also they helps me to overcome my writing block:

  • ProWritingAid/Grammarly:
    There sites allow me to proofreading my essays, blog posts and so on. There are a lot of things I didn’t know before reaching these sites, but now I know how to avoid the repetitive words, correct punctuation … And that’s nice.
  • Udemy:
    This site provides online course, I have to pay, but in the end of the course they will provide you a certificate of completion of each course, not so GREAT to be proud of, but you can add them to LinkedIn profile or even CV… Which is not bad at all.
  • ResearchGate:
    This site is particularly for Academic world: I upload my study, people read it and vice-versa. It is always great when you live in your research community.

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